Rockstar Games releases new GTA Online update

Rockstar Games has dropped another update for Grand Theft Auto Online, and this one makes a lot of high-end items selling for a discount.

The update also introduces a new premium race that players can take part in over the course of the next week.

You can now buy yacths at a heavily discounted price for a limited time, making it the perfect time to splurge. The items listed below are selling at a 25 percent discount over the next week –

  • Watercraft: Nagasaki Dinghy, Aquarius, Pisces and Orion Yachts
  • Vehicle Customizations: Bulletproof Tires, Suspensions and Resprays
  • Ammo

A new event called the Tube Rider will kick off starting April 11th until April 17th, which gives you an opp to show off your custom Ruiner 2000.

There’s plenty of new content for you to enjoy playing GTA Online this week, thanks to this latest update.