Rumor: Modern Warfare: Remastered finally getting standalone release

Anyone who wanted Modern Warfare: Remastered to get a standalone release are in luck.

It appears the game is finally getting a standalone release after months of speculation about the same. A Gamefly listing suggests that the game will be available to be purchased separately in July.

What’s more interesting is that the PS4 version has a June 20 release date, 30 days prior to its July 20 PC and Xbox release dates. This means PS4 users will be getting their hands on the game a full month early.

What makes this even more interesting is the fact that the page has since been removed.

Modern Warfare: Remastered can currently only be acquired by purchasing one of the several special editions of Infinite Warfare – Activision’s not so well received Call of Duty installment from last year.

There is no official word or confirmation from Activision about a standalone release of Modern Warfare: Remastered as yet.