Rumor: Resident Evil 7 story and return of recurring character, first details leaked

Resident Evil 7 isn’t that far off on the horizon, with a launch date of January 24th, 2017. The PC demo has been out for a few days already, and some really smart people have been digging through the code to make some very interesting discoveries. There could be potential spoilers ahead, so tread carefully…

For starters, it looks like Albert Wesker is going to be appearing in RE7, based on clues like file names such as “IsDamagedByAlbert”, “AlbertWeapon”, and even one called “LastBossGetAlbert”. It’s not clear what this really means, whether you’ll be fighting with him, or against him, or if he’s supposed to somehow come out right at the end as a huge surprise cameo which you ruined by reading potential spoilers…



In addition to Albert’s involvement, there are also signs that this game will contain 9 chapters, with each one taking place somewhere else on the plantation. It appears there could be multiple endings, based on the player’s decisions throughout the campaign. Also, it appears there will be DLC containing minigames, which could be released in four parts.


Here’s a list of weapons that are going to appear in Resident Evil 7 based on what the dataminers have uncovered:

  • Chainsaw,
  • scissors,
  • knife,
  • shotgun,
  • handgun,
  • grenade launcher,
  • burner,
  • candle,
  • lighter,
  • timebomb,
  • liquidbomb,
  • stimulant,
  • serum.

The dataminers are continuing to dig through the files and the code to uncover more clues, and we’ll keep you updated as they emerge.



Here are some other entries in the “LastBossAlbert” file (via reddit user Mishakolok): 

  • Choose Mia, ChooseZoe (final choice?)
  • MiaWakeUp (cutscene?),MiaDriveLicense(item?),MiaKnife,Chainsaw(battle?)
  • FinalFather/MotherBattle (final battles with Jack/Marguerite ?)
  • CountOfChooseMia,CountOfChooseZoe,CountOfAttackedCar, and so on.I think this is statistics of all players.
  • Prologue.Garage.Scissor.Greenhouse.Partyroom.Ship.(chapter names?) -FlameBullet.AcidBullet.FlameCartridge.AcidCartridge.ReloadFlame.ReloadAcid.
  • ChangeModeToFlame.ChangeModeToAcid.(bullet types?)
  • UseGlasses,glasses/tattoo ethan,glasses/tattoo clancy(gameplay mechanic?)
  • chainsaw,scissors,knife,shotgun,lighter,grenade launcher(we already knew that)
  • Stimulant,Depressant,Steroid(consumables?)
  • DaughtersBadEnding,DaughtersTrueEnding
  • Birthday GameStage, Birthday weapon(absolutly no idea)
  • RadarCautionNone,RadarCautionNear,RadarCautionReached
  • LookatTatoo(?)
  • AlbertHandgun(?)
  • Tentacles

There are also NPC entries for: Ghost, Jack, Zoe.

Some of it sounds pretty self-explanation, and we’ll have to wait and see what the rest means.