Ryan Reynolds Leaks who will play Domino in Deadpool

Ryan Reynolds recently revealed new information about the high-anticipated Deadpool sequel. According to a recent tweet, Reynolds has announced the actress who will be portraying the female superhero, Domino.

Image: Marvel Fanon

On March 9th, Reynolds made several cryptic tweets on the newcomer who will be joining him in the second Deadpool film. Below is the first hint Reynolds tweeted out, which was cleverly made with Dominos.

Image: Twitter

If you cannot decipher the letters, the puzzling tweet actually reveals that actress, Zazie Beetz has been officially cast as Domino. After the first tweet made, Reynolds tweeted another picture out less than an hour later on his account, with Beetz’s head photoshopped on Domino’s body, with the caption “Zazie Beetz Effect.”

Image: Twitter

For those of you unaware of Zazie Beetz, she is a German-born, American actress who is best-known for her roles on Atlanta and the Netflix original series, Easy.  Although actresses, Janelle Monáe and Kerry Washington were candidates in the running, ultimately Beetz was chosen.

Currently, it is unaware exactly how Domino will be portrayed in the upcoming sequel, but more information should be revealed in the coming months. Deadpool 2 is anticipated to hit theaters in 2018.