Ryan Reynolds is using this crazy tactic to convince Hugh Jackman to star in Deadpool sequel

There’s been rumors flying around for months that Hugh Jackman a.k.a The Wolverine might be making an appearance in the upcoming Deadpool sequel.

Now, Hugh’s disclosed that Ryan Reynold’s desperate to convince him to have a role in the upcoming movie. He said during an interview with Unilad:

I have had that question a lot… Ryan Reynolds is literally camped outside my house right now. He’s not very good at hearing the word ‘no’.

This means that Ryan Reynolds is being desperate to convince him and might have even visited him at his house in order to convince him. Sadly, Hugh’s said no but Ryan’s not one to take his word for it.

However, it isn’t good news for fans, as Hugh’s made it clear he has no intention to make an appearance on the movie, as he feels he’s done with playing Wolverine:

No mate, it’s time for me to move on

We would love to see Hugh make a cameo in the upcoming Deadpool sequel but it seems that’s not going to happen. However, considering Ryan’s trying so hard, perhaps Hugh would have a change of heart? Only time will tell.