Sale of the Dead

With Halloween only a couple of days away, Sony seems to be getting into the holiday spirit. The PSN store is currently having a two week sale of spooky games, TV shows and movies. PlayStation Plus members and non members can get 65%-80% off. The games and films are listed below.

Week 1

TitlePS Plus PriceSale PriceOriginal Price
Dante’s Inferno (PSP)$3.89$6.49$19.99
Dante’s Inferno Ultimate Edition (PS3)$5.99$9.99$29.99
Darkstalkers: Resurrection (PS3)$5.24$7.49$14.99
Daylight (PS4)$7.59$9.49$14.99
Dead Nation (PS3)$3.19$3.99$7.99
Dead Nation Apocalypse Edition (PS4)$5.99$7.49$14.99
Dead Nation (PS Vita)$3.19$3.99$7.99
Dead Space 2 (PS3)$3.89$6.49$19.99
Demon’s Souls (PS3)$9.79$13.99$19.99
Fatal Frame (PS3)$4.89$6.99$9.99
Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly (PS3)$4.89$6.99$9.99
Fatal Frame III: The Tormented (PS3)$4.89$6.99$9.99
Plants Vs Zombies (PS Vita)$5.39$8.99$14.99
Plants Vs Zombies (PS3)$4.19$5.99$10.49
Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare (PS4)$19.87$26.49$39.99
Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare (PS3)$14.99$19.99$29.99
R.I.P.D.: The Game (PS3)$2.50$4.99$9.99
The Cursed Crusade (PS3)$5.00$9.99$19.99
Tiny Brains (PS3)$3.99$4.99$9.99
Tiny Brains (PS4)$3.99$4.99$9.99
Zombeer (PS3)$4.87$6.49$15.99

Week 2

TitlePS Plus PriceSale PriceOriginal Price
Abyss Odyssey (PS3)$7.49$9.99$14.99
Castlevania: Lament of Innocence (PS3)$3.99$4.99$9.99
Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (PS3)$3.99$4.99$9.99
Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles (PSP)$5.99$7.49$14.99
Catherine (PS3)$6.99$9.99$19.99
Corpse Party (PSP | PS Vita)$8.99$9.99$19.99
Corpse Party: Book of Shadows (PSP | PS Vita)$8.99$9.99$19.99
Guacamelee: Super Turbo Charged Edition (PS4)$7.34$10.49$14.99
How to Survive (PS3)$5.99$7.49$14.99
I Am Alive (PS3)$3.74$4.99$14.99
Manhunt (PS3)$3.99$4.99$9.99
Outlast (PS4)$5.00$9.99$19.99
Puppeteer (PS3)$7.99$9.99$39.99
rain (PS3)$5.99$7.49$14.99
Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare (PS3)$7.19$11.99$39.99
Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City (PS3)$9.79$13.99$39.99
Silent Hill BOOK OF MEMORIES (PS Vita)$11.99$14.99$29.99
Siren Episodes 1-12 (PS3)$7.99$9.99$19.99
Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack (PS Vita)$3.19$3.99$7.99
Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack (PS3)$3.19$3.99$7.99
Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack Delicious Bundle (PS3)$4.49$5.99$11.49
Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack Delicious Vita Upgrade (PS3)$1.59$1.99$3.99

The Sale of the Dead week 1 deals will be available starting later today through Monday, October 27th. Week 2 of the sale starts on Tuesday, October 28th and runs through November 3rd.

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Movies (Both Weeks)

TitleSD Sale PriceSD Original PriceHD Sale PriceHD Original Price
Abbott and Costelllo Meet Frankenstein$7.99$9.99$7.99$12.99
Abbott and Costelllo Meet Invisible Man$7.99$9.99$7.99$12.99
Abbott and Costelllo Meet The Mummy$7.99$9.99$7.99$14.99
ABCs OF DEATH$5.99$9.99$6.99$12.99
ALEISTER CROWLEY: THE BEAST 666$3.99$12.99$3.99N/A
Conjuring, The$8.99$9.99$9.99$17.99
Dead Within$8.99$12.99$10.99$17.99
Devil In My Ride$6.99$14.99$7.99$19.99
Drag Me to Hell$5.99$9.99$7.99$12.99
Drag Me to Hell (Unrated)$5.99$9.99$7.99$12.99
Ed Gein$3.99$9.99$4.99N/A
Frankenstein’s Army$0.99$2.99$1.99$3.99
Freddy Vs. Jason$6.99$9.99$8.99$12.99
Friday The 13th: Killer Cut$6.99$9.99$8.99$12.99
George A. Romero Presents: Deadtime Stories, Vol. 1$3.99$12.99$4.99$17.99
George A. Romero Presents: Deadtime Stories, Vol. 2$3.99$12.99$4.99$17.99
Halloween II$5.99$9.99$7.99$12.99
Halloween III: Season of the Witch$5.99$9.99$7.99N/A
Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday$6.99$9.99$8.99$12.99
Jason X$6.99$9.99$8.99$12.99
Nanny McPhee$7.99$9.99$7.99$12.99
Nanny McPhee Returns$7.99$9.99$7.99$12.99
Nightmare on Elm Street (2010)$6.99$9.99$8.99$12.99
Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge$6.99$9.99$8.99$12.99
Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors$6.99$9.99$8.99$12.99
Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master$6.99$9.99$8.99$12.99
Nightmare on Elm Street, A$6.99$9.99$8.99$12.99
Saw – Unrated$6.99$9.99$8.99$12.99
Saw II$6.99$9.99$8.99$12.99
Saw II – Unrated$6.99$9.99$8.99$12.99
Saw III$6.99$9.99$8.99$12.99
Saw III – Unrated$6.99$9.99$8.99$12.99
Saw IV$6.99$9.99$8.99$12.99
Saw IV – Unrated$6.99$9.99$8.99$12.99
Saw V$6.99$9.99$8.99$12.99
Saw V – Unrated$6.99$9.99$8.99$12.99
Saw VI$6.99$9.99$8.99$12.99
Saw VI – Unrated$6.99$9.99$8.99$12.99
Saw:The Final Chapter$6.99$9.99$8.99$12.99
Saw:The Final Chapter – Unrated$6.99$9.99$8.99$12.99
Stir Of Echoes$3.99$9.99$4.99$12.99
SuicideGirls Must Die (Rated)$3.99$14.99$4.99$19.99
Taking of Deborah Logan, The$8.99$14.99$10.99$17.99
The Battery$6.99$7.99$7.99$8.99
The Inside$3.99$7.99$4.99$9.99
THE LAST DAYS ON MARS$6.99$14.99$8.99$19.99
The Maid’s Room$6.99$14.99$7.99$19.99
The People Under the Stairs$5.99$9.99$7.99N/A
THE SACRAMENT$6.99$14.99$8.99$14.99
The Texas Chain Saw Massacre: 40th Anniversary$0.99$2.99$1.99$3.99
The Zombie Diaries$4.99$9.99$4.99$12.99
Zombie Hunter$3.99$9.99$4.99$12.99
ZOMBIES: WHEN THE DEAD WALK$3.99$12.99$3.99$17.99


TV Shows (Both Weeks)

TitleSeasonSD Sale Price per EpisodeSD Original Price per EpisodeHD Sale Price per EpisodeHD Original Price per Episode
Bedlam S11$0.99$1.99$1.99$2.99
Bedlam S22$0.99$1.99$1.99$2.99
Being Human S11$0.99$1.99$1.99$2.99
Being Human S22$0.99$1.99$1.99$2.99
Being Human S33$0.99$1.99$1.99$2.99
Being Human S44$0.99$1.99$1.99$2.99
Cryptid the Swamp Beast1$0.99$1.99$0.99$2.99
Death Note1$1.49$1.99$1.99$2.99
Ghost Mine1$0.99$1.99$1.99$2.99
Ghost Mine2$0.99$1.99$1.99$2.99
Haunted History1$0.99$1.99$0.99$2.99
In the Flesh S11$0.99$1.99$1.99$2.99
In the Flesh S22$0.99$1.99$1.99$2.99
Paranormal State1$0.99$1.99$0.99$2.99
Paranormal State5$0.99$1.99$0.99$2.99
The Curse of Oak Island1$0.99$1.99$0.99$2.99
The Fades S11$0.99$1.99$1.99$2.99
The Killer Speaks1$0.99$1.99$0.99$2.99
The Killer Speaks2$0.99$1.99$0.99$2.99
The Secret of Crickley Hall1$0.99$1.99$1.99$2.99
Town of The Living Dead1$0.99$1.99$1.99$2.99
True Blood1$1.99$2.99$2.99$3.99
True Blood2$1.99$2.99$2.99$3.99
True Blood3$1.99$2.99$2.99$3.99
True Blood4$1.99$2.99$2.99$3.99
True Blood5$1.99$2.99$2.99$3.99
True Blood6$1.99$2.99$2.99$3.99
True Blood7$1.99$2.99$2.99$3.99
Ugly Americans1, Vol. 1$0.99$1.99$0.99$2.99
Ugly Americans1, Vol. 2$0.99$1.99$0.99$2.99
Ugly Americans2, Vol. 1$0.99$1.99$0.99$2.99
Urban Legend1$0.99$1.99$0.99$2.99
Vampire Knight1$1.49$1.99$1.99$2.99
Vampire Knight: Guilty2$1.49$1.99$1.99$2.99