Savage Gamer Beat Dark Souls III’s First Boss Using A Dance Pad


There has been a lot instances in the past where the players had beaten Dark Soul games in unorthodox ways. Players, in the past have used drums and guitar controllers and many other unconventional tools to beat the earlier versions of the Dark Souls games.



This time an YouTuber called Rudeism has beaten a Dark Souls 3 boss using dance pads and left everyone amazed. According to the player, he took almost 30 attempts to beat the game’s first boss. If the first boss needed nearly 30 attempts, you can imagine how much patience he’ll need to beat the game’s following bosses using the dance pad.

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Nothing is impossible and we have already seen such feats being achieved in the previous installments of Dark Souls. We wish him good luck.

Have a look at the video below where he beats Ludex Gundyr using dance pads: