Scary video shows A.I playing GTA V

Computers, technology and super nerds are responsible for solving an increasing amount of issues in our society. This time, it’s something more on the whimsical side on the surface, but this technology could have many practical applications built on top of what they’ve already made… and what they’ve made is a computer program that can play GTA V.

GTA is an interesting target to create a self-playing game because it takes place in a massive open world and there’s an endless amount of variables and things that you can do. An AI that can safely drive you around in GTA is a good start for real self-driving cars.

This is different than the AI that’s already built into the game and controls the cars that are driving around the city all the time, in that this controls the game from the point of view of the player using external inputs.

There’s a tutorial that’ll get you started on how to set this up with your own copy of the game, or even another similar game that incorporates driving around a city. Check out this video to see how it all works, and here’s the tutorial along with the rest of the video series in case you know a thing or two about Python and really want to go deep.