Secret trick allows you to have unlimited Pokeballs in Pokemon Go

Update: It seems this doesn’t work every time you try it. It’ll only work if you’re extremely fast in tapping the Poké Ball after you’ve thrown and missed – so don’t lose heart if this doesn’t seem to work at first. Multiple people (including our authors) have successfully done this, and hence this works as long as you’re nimble enough.

Well, I’ll be damned – we’ve all being doing it wrong, ladies and gentlemen. All wrong.

In Pokémon Go, you’re required to throw Poké Balls to capture Pokémon – obviously. That’s fair enough, but what about when they run out? Walking along, suddenly you spot a wild Charizard. You frantically tap on it, open up the augmented-reality (or not) mode. You can’t catch it though – why? Because you ran out of Poké Balls.


Well, fear no more, Trainers. That doesn’t have to be the case, not anymore. There’s actually a way to recover Poké Balls that don’t meet their targets, and it’s dead simple.

All you have to do, literally, is tap on the ball when you miss. That’s it. I tested it myself only moments ago, catching this little fella below. I intentionally missed the first few throws, just to see if I could regain the Poké Ball each time – and I could.

Those sparks occur when you recapture a ball.

I’m never trusting Professor Willow again. He’s useless.

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