Shocking Abra stat will make you cautious the next time you encounter it in Pokemon Go


You probably have encountered an Abra while searching for wild Pokemon in Pokemon Go at this point. However, there is a shocking stat about Abra that might not be widely known by players.

Among all of the Pokemon in Pokemon Go, you need to be the most careful while catching an Abra. Abra has the highest chance of fleeing if you miss your first attempt while throwing a Poke Ball. The stats suggests that Abra has a flee percentage of 99%, which means it will escape 99 out 100 times if you miss your first toss with the Poke Ball.



Reddit user jordansw posted the following chart which reveals various details about some of the Pokemon in Pokemon Go. As you can see, the chart reveals that Abra is one of the most difficult to catch in the game.

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In the anime series, Abra was able to teleport, and hence it might have been decided by Niantic to retain that quality in the game as well. Whatever be the reason, catching an Abra won’t be easy in the game and you need to be on your toes to successfully capture this pocket monster.