A skin care clinic in this country is using Umbrella Corps’ logo

A Vietnamese skin care clinic is using Umbrella Corps’ logo and it doesn’t look to be a very bright idea.

Medcare Dermatologist Clinic’s logo is using the infamous logo seen in the Resident Evil franchise and an eagle-eyed NeoGaf user noticed it.

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The logo isn’t even modified and is an exact copy of the one seen in the Resident Evil games. Is the clinic planning on starting a bio-chemical war? Who knows?

Here’s what the description says:

State-of-the-art equipment with technology transferred from Korea, the United States and Europe will solve your skin problems.

The clinic has since acknowledged the similarity and revealed that a third-party service was used to create the logo and they are currently investigating.

Or perhaps, they just want to mislead us into believing that they are not planning to start a Zombie apocalypse?