This Skyrim mod brings the oceans to life in the game, hunt whales and more

With Skyrim Special Edition just around the corner available on October 27th 2016, fans can get excited for this new “Sea of Spirits Mod” by creators: (SpikeDragonLord , jboyd4, and AerynnRavanna).

This mod brings a new aquatic adventure that Bethesda lacked to develop in the vanilla game. Explore the seas of Skyrim and Solstheim with many new creatures. The mod adds creatures such as large whales, narwhals, several kinds of sharks, dreugh, and more to the oceans in the game.


Tired of swimming through what feels like an empty and abandoned ocean? This mod is sure to add more adventure while traveling the waters of Skyrim.

Whether you want to “shout” a shark out of the water, or have a nice view sitting on top of a whale (as in the picture above) this mod is sure to enhance your gameplay and give more life to the seas of Skyrim.

The large diversity of vegetation and animals is what makes Skyrim such a beautiful game to explore, and now the oceans can be just as exciting to navigate. This mod is any aquatic lovers dream come true.

Important to know about this Mod:

  • It requires the Dragonborn DLC (this DLC will be already be included in the Skyrim Special Edition for console players so this is just a thing for PC players to be aware of)
  • This is just a sea-creatures mod, so don’t apply it if you are already using the mod “Beasts of Tamriel” as they will not work together.

You can download the mod here.

Words by Derek Anderson