Skyrim Secrets: Two Hidden Cut Bosses You Never Knew About

Even years and years later, Skyrim secrets just won’t stop being uncovered. Whether it’s digging around in the source code, or finding things by pure accident, who knows how many hidden things are waiting to be unearthed?

There are two secret bosses that were cut, but you can still find them if you know where to look. Not sure where to look? No worries, weary traveler, we’ve got your back with some help from ESO.

Youtuber ESO has released a new video showing where to find two hidden Skyrim bosses that were cut from the game for one reason or another.

image: eso/youtube

The first one is over in Wayward Pass, a useful shortcut that also marks a gravesite. You’ll run into some vicious looking wolves here, guarding a body. This isn’t related to the boss, but it’ll let you know you’re on the right track, and reveals a letter leading you to a dog fighting league if you choose to follow. Anyways…

Travel down a narrow corridor of rocks, and you’ll come across a small shrine with an amulet and armor.

Check out the skull, it’s a unique item called “Ancient Traveler’s Skull”. Grab it, and suddenly, a headless ghost appears.

This boss was removed from the game, and we’re not sure why. You’ll need a mod called “Cutting Room Floor” in order to find this boss (Link at the bottom).

The other cut boss is a wizard who has gone rogue, whose level is equal to your current level + one, so it’s going to be a tough battle no matter what (Unless you’ve got the best character build in the game, that’ll help…)

ESO looked into the game’s files to find out more information about this wizard, for more info and where to find the wizard, check out this video:

Once again, you’ll need the Cutting Room Floor mod on Xbox One or PC.