Sledgehammer tweet reveals next Call of Duty game won’t have future setting

Image: Destructoid

It looks like Sledgehammer Games have already hinted the potential setting of the upcoming Call of Duty game. We all know that this is Sledgehammer Games’ year to bring out a new CoD game and they have wished New Year with a cryptic tweet.

Image: Wikipedia

Image: Wikipedia

The tweet had a video which has a clockwork background and a message for the fans which reads,

“It’s officially 2017! Some call it the zodiac year of the Hammer. Have a safe and fun New Year’s, everyone!”

Prior to this tweet, Sledgehammer‘s co-founder Michael Condrey wished everyone Merry Christmas by posting an image which featured the 20th century pistol, the M1911, which got everyone excited.

The pistol was widely used by soldier during the WW1,WW2, Korean and Vietnam wars.

This could mean the upcoming Call of Duty game might be set during one of these timelines. If rumours are to be believed, it’ll be set during the Vietnam war. 

This could possibly mean that the upcoming COD game is set on the 20th century.


The latest Call of Duty game, Infinite Warfare, which was set in the space, wasn’t well received by fans and underperformed. So, a change in setting can definitely do a world of good for the upcoming CoD game.