SNOW Has The Most Bizarre Physics of Any Video Game Ever

Our resident YouTuber YowPow recently decided to have a bash at a game called SNOW from the Steam store. SNOW is the only free, open-world winter sports game available, and thus offered the possibility of a unique and interesting gaming experience for YowPow.

An interesting experience is exactly what he got. It seems like the devs might have accidentally (or on purpose) overlooked some aspects of reality. Check out the video below, and you’ll see for yourself what I mean.

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Talk about ragdoll physics, SNOW appears to think the player’s character is composed of a 4th dimensional superfluid (AKA a cat). It didn’t seem to matter if you were minding your own business on the ground, or flying through the air, your character’s body can (and almost definitely will) contort as if tortured by Cthulhu itself.

Seriously, just look at this:

Source: Fraghero

Source: Fraghero

And this:

Source: Fraghero

Source: Fraghero

It’s a good thing health insurance doesn’t have to be obtained in the game, because I’m not really sure “neck inverted inside itself” would be easy to cover.

SNOW’s huge, open world environment provides plenty of opportunities for jelly-bone shenanigans like the ones seen above and more. The game world can be traversed via skis, snowboards or even snow-mobiles.

It’s free to play and out now on Early Access on Steam. Pick it up if you’d love all the fun of travelling down a mountain at high speeds, but without any of the risk of breaking every bone in your body.