Some of the strongest Pokémon in Pokémon Go got nerfed in a secret update

A couple of weeks ago, Niantic took Pokémon GO down for hours in order to prepare for an update. What was even more infuriating was that when you went to the app store to update your game, the only reason it gave for the update was for “minor text fixes.”

Nobody really understood why the game had to be down for so long in order to fix some alleged text problems, but a few hours ago, players started to put the pieces together.

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It looks like the attack moves on some of your favorite Pokémon characters have been altered. The most significant change has been made to Vaporeon, one of the strongest fighters the game has had.

Who hasn’t seen a swarm of Vaporeons occupying gyms in any given area on a daily basis? Vaporeon is by far the strongest Pokémon that is also one of the easiest to obtain, since it doesn’t require you to chance it from hatching a 10k egg or by searching Pokévision non-stop until it pops up. Vaporeons can be easily obtained with just 25 Eevee candy and a simple name change.

image via pokemon go (friedricearoni)

image via pokemon go (friedricearoni)

For starters, the water Pokémon’s main attack, Water Gun, has been reduced from a power of 10 to a power of 6. (This decreases the damage per second (DPS) from 20 to 12. That’s huge. (This also applies to every other Water Pokémon.) Vaporeon’s strongest charge attack, Aqua Tail, has also been nerfed, but not as much as its fast attack. The DPS for Aqua Tail has been reduced to 19.6, a slight decrease from its original 21.8. You can see the DPS that Water Gun used to have in comparison to other attacks here.

Snorlax is another Pokémon that had its attacks nerfed. The heavy hitter’s fast attack, Lick, has been reduced from 20 DPS to half of that, 10 DPS. Body Slam, its charge attack, has come down to 26 DPS from its original 33 DPS. Dragonite, arguably the strongest Pokémon available in the game right now, was able to keep its DPS for its fast attack, Dragon Breath, but its strongest charge attack, Dragon Claw, has been reduced from 28 DPS to 24.6 DPS. Other Pokémon have also received attack buffs, encouraging a more balanced game play.

Here’s the full list, thanks to TheSilphRoad subreddit:


Aqua tail: 50 -> 45

Body Slam: 50 -> 40

Bug Bite: 6 -> 5

Discharge: 40 -> 35

Dragon Claw: 40 -> 35

Frost Breath: 12 -> 9

Iron Head: 40 -> 30

Lick: 10 -> 5

Metal Claw: 12 -> 8

Mud Shot: 12 -> 6

Poison Jab: 15 -> 12

Pound: 8 -> 7

Psycho cut: 15 -> 7

Scratch: 10 -> 6

Shadow Claw: 16 -> 11

Vine whip: 10 -> 7

Water gun: 10 -> 6

Wing attack: 12 -> 9

Zen Headbutt: 15 -> 12

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It will be interesting to see what other “secret” changes come about in Pokémon GO, because it’s unlikely that altering some attack moves required the game to be down for nearly an entire day.

image via pokemon go

image via pokemon go

Let’s hope that Niantic speaks up about this because it does look a little shady to drop the ball on its players, especially since we’ve all been spending our hard earned Stardust on leveling Vaporeons and Snorlaxes to only have their attacks nerfed from under our noses.