Someone finally ate the famous GTA: San Andreas fast food order in real life

One of the most famous scenes in GTA: San Andreas involved Big Smoke ordering himself an insanely unhealthy fast food order from a driveaway.

Now, a competitive eater has decided to gulp down everything mentioned in the order in real life. He had tracked all the items down, ordered them and went to eat it, all in one sitting.

Matt Stonie, who is a Youtuber famous for creating food challenge videos, came across a post on the internet that detailed Big Smoke’s order in the GTA game, and how it was a famous scene by now.

The meal is more than 9000 in calories and the items belong to multiple fast food joints. Before long, Matt made up his mind that he needs to try this out.

Here’s the complete order he placed:

Two number 9s

A number 9 large

A number 6 with extra dip

A number 7

Two number 45s

One with cheese

And a large soda

It took him almost 40 minutes to eat all of that, check out the video below –