Someone has finally discovered gigantic creatures in No Man’s Sky

There has been a lot of controversy regarding No Man’s Sky. Mostly due to the gaming community feeling they were taken for a ride by Hello Games for over promising and under delivering with the game.

A large section of the community even accused the developers of outright making misleading statements about the game and not being able to deliver with the final release.

One such complaint was that the game didn’t feature any large creatures at all although there were plenty of them to be seen during the E3 demo that was shown for the game. Gamers felt cheated due to this.

But one redditor has now put these speculations to rest by discovering that No Man’s Sky does features creatures of Gigantic size. The only catch, they’re extremely rare to find and hence not many people have been able to find them during their explorations yet. As you can see from the footage, this doesn’t mean Hello Games lied about the game featuring creatures of mammoth size, unlike a lot of other issues they mave have outright lied about.

Check it out to lay to rest all the rumors and doubts about the game featuring these gentle giants: