Someone just spotted what looks like one of the alien ships from Halo

The internet is going crazy over a photo, which people think is a troop carrier similar to the ones that featured in Microsoft’s popular videogame Halo. This sightings have been reported in Australia.

The troop carrier ship resemble the ones in Halo, from which the Covenant Elites are about to jump out and infiltrate Australia. Some others even though that this was a part of Donald Trump’s political campaign.

Image: Wikia

Image: Wikia

However, everyone was surprised when they came to know that the image was actually of a police helicopter which was taken on a 30-second exposure. The photo was taken by Redditor Tom West.

“I left the shutter open while a police helicopter searched for a fugitive,” he said. ‘It was exactly a 30 second exposure.”

‘It’s just a single exposure, the helicopter was moving pretty quick. We were in a bay just south of Sydney and it was circling for quite some time.’

Here’s the image:


Well, it was a nice shot indeed. Picture credit: Tom West from Compass Digital