Someone is placing eggs at Pokemon Go gyms and they can’t be taken down

Pokemon Go has turned out to be a massive game and with millions of users playing the game daily, and Niantic is facing an uphill battle to keep the game bug free. No matter how much effort is put into fixing the game, something or another keeps screwing up.



The latest issue is quite serious and we hope Niantic becomes aware of this and fixes it soon. A glitch/bug is allowing Pokemon Go players to place eggs at gyms instead of a Pokemon, and other players aren’t able to fight them or take them down.

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This issue was bought to notice by a Redditor who noticed a player taking over all his New York City neighborhood gyms using this exploit. He’s also shared some screenshots showing the bug in action, which you can see below.



He also described what exactly is happening once the exploit is used:

Normally gyms change sides within 20 minutes but its been an hour or so since I noticed this and the affected gyms are still beaming yellow. The affected gyms also cannot be swiped to see the other pokemon. There is one gym that has not been affected (currently mystic) and when I tap on that after I tap on the egg gyms I get this Imgur. The mystic gym overlay is glue in on the map and I cannot escape til I restart pogo.

This is a major issue that’s going to break gameplay unless it’s fixed without delay. Niantic needs to do better when it comes to making sure such game-breaking exploits don’t creep into what is otherwise an excellent game played by millions of users worldwide.

The company has finally taken a tough stance against cheaters and spoofers issuing them permanent bans and by fixing these issues, so they can ensure the game’s balance isn’t meddled with.