Something unexpected happened when a player started Final Fantasy XV’s 72 hour long boss fight

If you’ve been glued to your controller since Final Fantasy XV finally launched, or you paid close attention to the Conan O’Brien Clueless Gamer segment we featured recently along with the unlimited sprint trick for FFXV, then you remember the quest where the objective was to investigate what was causing these strange earthquakes.


After finding out what is causing the earthquakes, it’s time to fight it. Adamantoise is a giant tortoise carrying a mountain around on their back, and this boss battle has been rumored to take 72 full hours, in a row, to complete.

On Clueless Gamer, you hear one of the representatives off-camera say that the battle takes 72 hours, and then they go on to confirm that that’s not 72 in-game hours, but actual days. They said that players would need to fight this boss for days in a row in order to beat them. If that sounds far-fetched, that’s because it probably is…

Hajime Tabata, the director of Final Fantasy XV, has gone on the record saying that this particular boss battle should actually “only” take about 15 real-time hours. That’s still an absolute ton of time for a boss, so thankfully Adamantoise is part of the post-endgame so you won’t have to dedicate an entire day to combat in order to advance through the story.



YouTuber PowerPyx decided to test it out for themselves and see whether it was 15 hours, 72 hours, or something entirely different.

Turns out, it was something entirely different:

As you can probabally tell by the length of the video, it took significantly less time than 72 or even 15 hours to beat the boss. It took under one hour. It’s unclear why multiple sources were claiming this battle would take so many more hours than it actually does, perhaps they had originally planned something else but had to change it at the last minute, and that information got lost somewhere along the way? Who knows.

What’s your favorite Final Fantasy boss battle of all time?



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