Sony reveals why it showed no new PS4 exclusives at E3 2017

If you were looking forward for some fresh PS4 exclusive game announcements at E3, you were probabally left sitting there twiddling your thumbs saying “Ho hum,” trying not to look disappointed while everyone around you was getting excited about trailers and announcements.


We could only imagine that Sony still has some tricks up their sleeve. In a recent interview with Jagat Review, PlayStation’s Worldwide Studios President, Shuhei Yoshida, has set some minds at ease by explaining that Sony didn’t hold back because they didn’t have anything to show, but rather that they’re just waiting for a better time to announce things at their own show.


“There are things we have held [back],” Yoshida laughed. “We chose not to show those at E3 2017, but there will be some more news coming out from our teams later this year. No question.”

Presumably, Sony wants to wait until their own PlayStation Experience 2017 show, which is scheduled for December 9-10 in Anaheim. Why share the stage and the news cycle with all of the year’s other big announcements when you can hold off and announce them when all eyes are on you? If they would have had to rush to show something early at E3, or take their time and show a better product on their own terms, you can’t really blame them.