Star Wars actress Carrie Fisher dead at 60

carrie fisher

Carrie Fisher, best known for her portrayal of the role of Princess Leia in the Star Wars movies passed away today.

Fisher suffered a massive heart attack on a flight a few days ago and was put on a ventilator and remained in critical condition.

carrie fisher

She finally breathed her last this morning and the news was confirmed by her daughter.
She joins a long list of celebrities who have died in 2016 and Fisher was known to be a shy yet strong lady whose portrayal of Leia in the Star Wars movies showed a woman who was independent and strong, and got her a huge following among females.

Celebrity reactions:

We hope she finds eternal peace and the force always remains with her.

Fisher also wrote several books and starred in movies. She also did quite a few videogames including Star Wars ones and most recently Dishonored.

She was 60 years old.