Steam VR Growing Explosively, Adding Thousands of New Daily Customers

Apparently, Steam is adding one-thousand new VR users every day via its software update platform – and VR just launched. What happens when prices go down and demand goes up? The latter, in particular, is inevitable; as more developers jump on the VR bandwagon and more games are made, demand will surely rise. Just wait until Fallout 4 releases on the VIVE…

The news comes from Twitter user and games developer Dave Oshry:


Twitter: @DaveOshry

The software distributed via Steam can point to both Oculus and VIVE users, so it’s unclear which is more popular, at least going by this figure alone. Not that this matters – what’s worth noting, and what’s the point of this article alone, is that the VR market is growing.

VR may seem a little gimmicky, but that’s not to say it can’t (and won’t) be successful. Only time will tell, and the way it’s looking just now, time is on VR’s side.


source: PCGamesN

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