The Steam Winter Sale Dates Have Been Leaked Online

Christmas is a magical time, not because of the food, the presents, the alcohol and your nan falling asleep in front of Doctor Who, but mainly because it means it’s time for the Steam Winter sale!

Credit: Valve

Steam’s seasonal sales offer some of the best prices on some of the best games of the year – all available from the comfort of your own home. Plus, if you’re lucky enough for Santa to leave you some money under the tree then you’re all set for a happy New Year.

This year, the sale’s supposed start date has already surfaced online, thanks to @SteamDB over on Twitter. Guess it’s time to get your wallets out!

Writing about the leaked date, the account tweeted: ” Steam Winter Sale starts next week on 20th.
” Mysterious cards are already dropping!”

The news about the Mysterious Cards seems to be definitely true, as one Twitter user responded with a very authentic-looking screenshot.

Credit: Valve

The date itself has yet to be confirmed by either Steam or Valve, but it’s rumoured the sale will run until 3rd January 2019. Either way, it’s not too long to wait and find out!

2018 has brought us some amazing games, and people are incredibly excited to see what bargains they can pick up this winter.

Credit: Bethesda

What would you like to see in the Steam sale? Are you planning to pick anything up this winter?