Streamer Forces Lonely Men To Humiliate Themselves In Creepy Videos For Her

There’s a streamer, who mainly plays Runescape and LoL, that goes by the name PoisonIvyLul. Her first name is Hanna, and she enjoys humiliating men and making them do embarrassing things for her entertainment. That’s pretty normal behavior by internet standards, but it becomes a lot darker when you find out how she seeks these guys out, and what she’s encouraging them to do afterwards. She believes that by bullying weak people, she’s able to make them even weaker, and in turn absorb the strength as it leaves them, to make herself even stronger.

Here’s a video where a Youtuber compiled some of the things her followers have done for her:

Sometimes, it’s something fairly innocent enough like writing her name “Hanna” on their foreheads or getting a guy to shave his hair, but sometimes it’s something much more humiliating and degrading. It’s one thing to seek out people who are comfortable with doing these things and enjoy it, but it’s another thing entirely to actively seek out people she views as weak-minded and to bully them to the point where she’s romanticizing the idea of suicide to a legion of lonely, depressed guys who worship her. That’s where things get really weird.


image: twitter


image: twitter

The argument could be easily made that she isn’t forcing anybody to do anything – she doesn’t have a gun to their heads and this isn’t even in person, it’s on a stream, but she has stated proudly on her Twitter that she seeks out weak men, in particular, to manipulate. That’s probabally where it crosses over the line from being willing participants in some kind of humiliation fetish, to being an abuser/victim relationship that she has with these guys.

image: twitter

image: twitter

From her Twitter: 

“I treat all men like shit because they are weak and they deserve it. I bully the weak to make them weaker as I simultaneously grow stronger.”

Things have gotten so out of hand that her boyfriend of 8 months has released a video claiming that it all just trolling to “trigger people for fun.”

That’s a weird excuse when she’s actively praying on vulnerable people and manipulating them into doing degrading acts on camera. According to Elite Daily, these acts include one man who hit his erection with a shoe, and another who professed his love for her while inserting objects into himself. Just because her and her boyfriend are doing it as a joke, that doesn’t really change things for the victims. It’s easy to brush them off and say that they deserve it if they’re willing to do anything she asks, and obviously people are responsible for their own actions, but you have to remember that she’s specifically preying on people that she deems as weak-minded or mentally ill.