Streamer Gets Swatted But the Police Ended Up Being Gamers

Twitch never ceases to entertain. Streamer and YouTuber TrixxyTrix got swatted on stream, and the result was pretty unexpected.

After TrixxyTrix’s own Twitch chat told him they were going to SWAT him, the streamer challenged what he thought were idle threats by telling his viewers to do it. Not surprisingly, someone did. Half an hour later, TrixxyTrix was interrupted in the middle of a game of CS:GO by  cops armed with automatic weapons banging on his windows and doors. After TrixxyTrix cleared up the situation with the officers, he explained the concept of swatting and Twitch with them. Being gamers themselves, they were excited to find out that they ended up on stream and actually stayed around chatting with them about games and Twitch for quite a while.

It’s nice to see a swatting incident turn out well for once. Usually, things go sideways and people get in trouble. Thankfully, even though the event shook TrixxyTrix and his family a little bit, everything ended up alright, and two everyday gamers got to meet a famous streamer.