Streamers Boyfriend Puts His Girl on All the TV’s in Department Store

What do you do when your lovely girlfriend starts streaming herself playing Overwatch, but doesn’t have any viewers yet? She’s never going to be able to cash in on that sweet sponsorship money and donations unless she’s pulling the eyeballs. Every empire starts somewhere, granted most of them don’t start by lining the walls of a department store with a live stream of Overwatch.

When this guy’s girlfriend started streaming and wanted more viewers, he did what any loving boyfriend would do… he popped her stream up on every single TV in the electronics department at the store he works at.

image: overwatch/blizzard

image: overwatch/blizzard

It’s all fun and games until he gets fired for this stunt and has to rely on her Twitch income to pay the bills, but her account is banned for botting views. But in all seriousness, it’s unclear whether those were Smart TV’s that each had their own connection, or if the image was simply mirrored across all of them. In any case, we’re sure they’ll both be fine.

Somebody offered up the sage wisdom that “Boobs = views“, to which the boyfriend replied:

“I KEEP TELLING HER THIS. But sure enough, she still only has 3-4 views lol.”

Since he posted the photo of the TV screens, she’s now up to over 1,000 views and counting, so in an indirect way it actually seems to have worked, or at least is in the process of working. Well played.  Obligatory link for anyone who wants to check out the stream. We can probabally send a lot more views than the TV aisle of a department store…