Study Claims That Xbox Players Are Better Gamers Than PS4 Or PC Users

LG has recently decided to anger a lot of gamers out there by conducting a study to find out who has the “better” gamers: PC, PS4 or Xbox One users.

The study, which was in partnership with Activision, was conducted with LG’s Elite Reaction Test [via GameRant], which had 1400 players of different platforms click on targets as fast as they could. Results were measured on accuracy, timing and speed.

Credit: Activision/LG

The results are pretty surprising, as Xbox players came out on top, hitting 78% of the targets. This was followed by PlayStation gamers who came out with a 74% success rate, and PC players at 70%. Despite having the lowest accuracy percentage, PC gamers did actually react faster to the targets.

You can take the test for yourself right here. 

Credit: Microsoft/Sony

The FragHero team all had a crack at it, with PC players doing the best, and Xbox and PS4 players being roughly equal. Bear in mind, the test has you try on your browser, so there was a definite difference for those of us playing with a mouse or with a trackpad…

Before you get too angry about these results, note that there really isn’t too much science behind the project. In fact, it’s believed to have been a marketing strategy employed by Activision to promote Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4.

Speaking about the study, LG’s marketing manager David Hall stated: “No matter how you choose to play, we’re dedicated to creating the best gaming experience we can, with our range of low latency 4K HDR gaming TVs designed to do games justice.”

Credit: Microsoft

Let us know your results!

Featured image credit: Sony/Microsoft