This Suspicious Looking Man Was Spotted At The Nintendo Switch Presentation

The Nintendo Switch presentation felt like a do-or-die, but Nintendo has been in these types of situations before.

People were generally pretty excited for the Switch after the initial reveal, but Nintendo can’t ride the nostalgia wave forever, so they knew they also had to deliver something special. The Wii U wasn’t a bad system, it just had some quirks and never really managed to make it into enough living rooms to get developers excited. The Switch is a more polished version, taking it to the next level.

It seems like the Nintendo Switch is also attracting a lot of attention from the competition…

While many gamers were captivated by the announcements, there was one guy in the crowd who stood out. He was taking a lot of pictures, like he was there on some kind of research assignment.



He looks surprisingly famililar to a Sony executive named Shuhei Yoshida..


Previously, he was featured on a TV show when they thought he was just some random guy playing Space Invaders, the show was completely unaware that he’s a massive influential force in the world of gaming. He said he’s happy to be the old guy playing Space Invaders.

He could have simply been at the Switch presentation as a fan, since there’s not going to be any kind of insider info revealed at an event like this, nothing that he couldn’t find out a few minutes later from a reporter or by sending an intern to check out, but he went to see it all in person.

Inb4 the Sony Swap gets announced…