Sydney Residents take Revenge by Waterbombing Pokemon Go players, Police Intervene

Pokemon Go has had a blockbuster launch and lot of people are going crazy over it. On the contrary some others are not at all pleased with what’s happening around them. Most of them are those who live in areas where there are a lot traffic from players.

There has already been a lot of incidents where Pokemon Go players were accused of causing disturbance among the people. Another one of such incident took place in a suburban area of Australian city Sydney. The residents of the area are not at all happy with late night camping of numerous people.



The locality called Rhodes is actually a PokeStop for the game Pokemon Go. Players from neighboring places gather there in search of Pokemon. The area has become a kind of a hub where players meet up and stay until 2 A.M. to 3 A.M.

This led to police being called in to control the players who were playing loud music, doing double parking etc. There has also been reports that the local residents even threw water bombs at the players out of frustration.

This is how it the Rhodes locality outside the apartments looks, thanks Pokemon Go Sydney.


Here are a couple of tweets about the incident.