T-Pain explains why mouse and keyboard is better for Battlefield 1

T-Pain recently live streamed some Battlefield 1 on Twitch. During the recent stream, the American rapper went into detail on why he feels that a mouse and keyboard is the definitive controller for playing Battlefield 1.

Image: Twitch

14 seconds into the clip, T-Pain gave his subjective thoughts on why he personally prefers the mouse and keyboard when playing the Word War I shooter, by explaining that he likes the freedom he has when moving a mouse around versus the limitations in movement that you experience with an analog stick. “If they shoot me from the left, I don’t want to have to wait,” T-Pain explains.

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Image: Twitch

Despite, his personal preference, at the end of the video he explains that he sucks at playing the game on both a controller and a mouse and keyboard. Battlefield 1 is out now for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.