Teenager hit by car while playing Pokémon Go, gets severely injured

So just about everyone knows about Pokemon Go by now. The app has taken the world by storm, largely due to the nostalgia factor it has for millennials. However, things have been going poorly for some people while playing the game. We can’t stress the importance of being aware of your surroundings while walking and playing the game, and to especially never drive while playing it.

This story comes out of Terentum, PA, where a 15 year old girl, Autumn was hit by a car because of not paying attention. She asked her mother to borrow her phone so she could play Pokemon Go. Her mother allowed it and off she went. At around 5PM, Autumn attempted to cross a busy highway while playing the game, and was struck by a car.


via Nintendo

Although she lived through the accident, she’s currently recovering in the hospital with a collarbone injury, foot injury, and road rash. The driver of the vehicle held her hand while they waited for help to arrive.

It’s important not to blame the game for these accidents, and believe me, there’s many more just like this one. Inherently, the game doesn’t force you to go anywhere. Autumn had no real reason to be crossing a highway that she normally wouldn’t attempt to cross. The fault of the injuries is negligence on the part of the players.


via Nintendo

So again, we stress that you be aware of your surrounding at all times. Some people have been using the app to go as far as luring people into an area to attack them. A good way to avoid this is stay in areas that are populated, and if you decide to go in the woods, be sure to go with a friend or two. And of course, never use the app while driving.