6 Most Disappointing PS4/Xbox One Console Exclusives That Broke Gamers Hearts

The Order: 1886


The Order: 1886 is to the PlayStation 4 what Ryse: Son of Rome is to the Xbox One. Both games promised the world, are arguably the best looking games on its respective consoles but lacks any depth to it to really make for a great gaming experience.

The Order: 1886 felt rushed and had little to offer in terms of gameplay and felt more like a stretched out movie than a videogame. You rarely felt in control and the sequences felt forced and automated than anything else.


On the bright side, it looked absolutely stunning and gave you an idea of what the PS4 was truly capable but was definitely not worth paying full price for. We hope to see similar but more fleshed out gaming experiences on the PS4 in future. With Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End releasing soon and Naugthy Dog releasing such an exciting story trailer recently, we definitely have our hopes high.

Halo 5: Guardians Single Player


Halo 5 was the first proper AAA exclusive to release for the Xbox One and undoubtedly expectations were at an all time high. Surprisingly, the game turned out to be very good and I actually enjoyed the multiplayer a lot.

323 Industries did a more than decent job and fixed most of the issues that Halo 4 had and improved upon things that made Halo 3’s multiplayer enjoyable while adding copious amount of improvements to keep things fresh. All in all Halo 5 is a very decent game and the community and developer support post-release has been satisfying as well.

Now, that’s where it stops being good. Halo is known to have some amazing single player campaigns as well and everyone expected no less from Halo 5 but this is where things went south. To start off, Microsoft had this over the top marketing campaign featuring Master Chief as this evil Vigilante being hunted down by the same people whom he served for so long.

However, the actual game hardly had any context with the marketing campaign and turned out to be a damp squid. This obviously enraged more than a few people and they called out Microsoft for blowing things out of proportion and then failing miserably to deliver on it.