6 videogame scenes that shocked gamers and made them cry

Death of Eli Vance in Half Life 2


Eli Vance, father of Alyx Vance and mentor to Half Life’s main protagonist Gordon Freeman was one of the major characters throughout the Half Life series. Players had built an emotional connect with the character and especially throughout Half Life: Episode 1 and 2.

However, during the final sequence of Episode 2, Combine Advisors break in just as Gordon and Alyx are about to depart and take hold of both Alyx and Eli after pinning Gordon to the wall using their telekinesis powers.

What follows is one of the most emotional draining sequences in a videogame as Eli is killed in front of his daughter while muttering to her not to look as one of the advisors brutally murders him. Alyx was to also meet the same fate but her pet robot Dog enters in the nick of time and makes a rescue.

Alyx is seen holding her father in her arms and sobbing as the end credits roll. It was a true emotional moment and videogames rarely manage to achieve this.