The “American Dream” is a videogame about performing menial tasks with guns

A new video game called The American Dream is all about living life with guns. In the game you must eat, play and do almost everything with guns.

The game is designed exclusively for VR and is developed by Samurai Punk. The Melbourne based studio is also the developer of another game named Screencheat.

The studio was keen on making a statement about the US gun laws which is being criticized all over the world. The American Dream has the roots of a first first person shooter, and you need to shoot almost everything that comes your way. For example, if you need to open a door or switch on a light, you need to shoot them.


“It started out as an introspection I was having with a lot of FPS games that I’d played,” Samurai Punk artist Nicholas McDonnell said. “I’ve played a lot, I’ve made an FPS game, and I was getting a bit confused as to why I was doing so much of that.

“Historically, most FPS games come out of the US. When [graphical leaps] allowed us to, that’s the first thing we did: we started making shooting games. It became a North America-themed game when I figured out it’d be a good lens through which to demonstrate that. Obviously, when you start talking about guns, the conversation about America comes up a lot.”

In the game, you’ll need too travel through a theme park, which resembles the Disney’s Epcot Center. The game also provides a platform for the gun manufacturers to display and demonstrate their wares.

The game’s main aim is to state that guns can be used for various other things apart from killing. They want you to use guns for everything. While the game progresses, you’ll keep learning to achieve more and more by using a gun.

You will have to do things like answering a questionnaires, attract someone’s attention, make holes in a donut and a lot of other things with a gun in The American Dream. The game will feature various guns ranging from pistols to machine and shot guns.


“We were experimenting with different guns that allow us to do different [types of] gameplay, because in this game, a gun isn’t a tactical advantage in a certain situation, they function more like different tools for life,” McDonnell said. “We have to try to abstract what a long rifle provides gameplay-wise, as opposed to a pistol, which is small and light and easy to handle.”

The game also has a neat reload system, where you will need to bang the butt of your gun on a button to take out the magazine. The magazine dispenses in a slow motion during which you will need to get hold of your weapon. The game doesn’t allows you to use you hands to reload a weapon because guns are actually your hands.


“We have to do the ‘don’t make guns violent’ pass [on every vignette], because the game is all about making guns non-violent,” McDonnell said. “You can’t say ‘don’t make the boss angry, he has a gun and he’ll shoot you’ because that doesn’t work. The universe we’re creating is one where guns are perfect, they’re like a multi-tool, they can solve all your problems and they don’t shoot people.”

The concept is really interesting and funny. The game is designed and developed by only three young Australian developers and they have done a commendable job.

We will however wait and see if The American Dream will work as a game or not. The VR audience is already growing tired of smaller games like this. They are now demanding larger and time- intensive games at the moment.


McDonnell however is confident that their idea will work out.

He said, “As a person playing VR a fair amount at the moment, I think [this type of game prevails] because the tech isn’t 100 percent there in terms of comfort and long term use. They all have their own quirks: if you wear glasses you can only really use PSVR because the others don’t have enough space. The Oculus is a bit bright, and hurts your eyes after a certain amount of time. It’s not the kind of platform that you feel comfortable with for a long time.”

“Because of the nature of the platform, I think bite-sized content works best right now and I don’t think that’s a negative,” McDonnell added. “To some extent it’s actually great because it means you can create stuff and succeed with it in a manner which you’d get abused for on another platform. That’s where we ended up with walking sims. They were getting abused because they were short form – and they wanted to be – and in our case it’s the same. We’re trying to do something with our game which wouldn’t be effective on another platform.”

Here’s the teaser of the game:

The American Dream is scheduled to launch in 2017.