The Battlefield 1 beta has already produced some hilarious glitches


Battlefield 1 beta opened for the general public on Wednesday and people are already complaining that the game has a lot of glitches. Users have already started capturing such antics while they battled controlling the Sinai Desert.

In the video below, Brit2 shows off the new features of Battlefied 1.

trevroak here can be seen avoiding death by a whisker while recreating the opening scene from Star Wars.

Merkgruber4 explains how an enemy can be startled by your best weapon.

GrouchyGrech reminded us why seatbelts are important.

Esbenjd found out the connection between modern and old school war fighting.

Mike804 shows how even stairs can be your enemies.

USS_DJMarv12 witnessed strangely beautiful victory celebration.

Source: Gamesradar