Rumor: Elder Scrolls: Skyrim Remaster In Development, First Details Leaked

With E3 literally right around the corner, the rumor mill has been hard at work the past few days. This time, it comes in the form of Bethesda Game Studio’s hit RPG title, Skyrim.

An “industry insider” by the name of Shinobi602 recently appeared on a MrMattyPlays podcast, and had some very interesting things to say. Now, it’s important to remember that he didn’t mention Skyrim specifically, but one can only assume that since it was Bethesda’s biggest Elder Scrolls game, they’d go for that one.


via Bethesda

There’s of course the opposite argument that says it could be an older game, being that Skyrim is only 5 years old, as opposed to Oblivion’s 10 years, and Morrowind being 14 years old.

Another thing that points to it being Skyrim is when NeoGAF user, Enter the Dragon Punch, posted saying it’s real, will include all DLC, mod support, and enhanced graphics. Which makes one wonder, is it possible that the remaster of Skyrim would also have console mods, just like Fallout 4 has recently rolled out?


via Bethesda

Either way, Bethesda’s press conference this year is sure to be lit, as the kids would say. Bethesda is also rumored to announced a completely reworked version of Prey 2 (with nothing similar to its 2011 build), Evil Within 2 among other titles. Dishonored 2 is also slated to get its first gameplay reveal and a little birdie told us that Wolfestein might also be getting a sequel.