The Last of Us 2 teased with Uncharted 4 Easter Egg By The Game’s Developer Naughty Dog

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After years of anticipation, Naughty Dog’s final entry in the Uncharted series finally hit stands yesterday. The game has received positive response from critics and gamers alike and looks set to create new records when it comes to PlayStation 4 exclusives.

Naughty Dog are known for leaving easter eggs in their games, and its latest creation has its fair share of them. Be it the Crash Bandicoot level at the start of the game that you can actually play, or this framed picture that hints at more than one new project they are working on.

the last of us 2

One our readers emailed us this neat little easter egg the developers placed in Uncharted 4. As you can see it features a poster in it that reads ‘The Last of Us: American Daughters‘. Before you jump the gun and scream that’s what The Last of Us 2 will be called, we want you to look below. Yeah, there’s a “Dark Horse Comics” logo there.

This suggests that it’s just a comic but it still doesn’t rule out the possibility of an upcoming game in The Last of Us series. Could this be a subtle hint at the plot for The Last of Us 2?

If you look closely, you’ll notice that the girl featured in the image looks to be pregnant. Could this be Ellie’s mother or is it a grown up Ellie who is carrying a child now? Could the child be immune to the virus like she is?


She is also seen wearing a Gas Mask so it seems the situation has got even worse now in the post-apocalyptic world the game is set in. Whatever it is, fans would enjoy viewing it.

The frame also contains another interesting post card that reads Jerusalem. Could this be the long-rumored adventure game that a team at Naughty Dog were said to be working on?

Naughty Dog sure knows to put up a good tease. If you’ve your own theories about what these might be, feel free to voice your opinions in the comments.