The Latest PS4 Firmware Update Is Causing This Serious Problem

Last week, Sony released a major update for the PlayStation 4. This new firmware update offers a variety of highly-demanded features, including support for an external hard drive, modifications to PlayStation VR, and custom wallpapers just to name a few. However, many PS4 owners have reported several issues with update 4.50.

Image: PlayStation Lifestyle

According to several PS4 users, on the official PlayStation Forums, update 4.50 is causing some annoying WiFi issues. Gamers who’s wireless internet connection worked fine prior to the update are now reporting connectivity issues with their console, resulting in major lag and issues joining online matches.

Image: PlayStation Lifestyle

To combat these issues. here are a few do it yourself solutions:

  • Switch your wireless router’s signal support from B/G/N to just B/G. This workaround requires accessing your wireless router’s internal settings by typing the IP address of your wireless router directly into your web browser and entering the username and password.
  • Some users are reporting success after disabling their router’s wireless password or switching security from WPA2 to something different. Fair warning, though the WiFi issues are not worth compromising your wireless security.
  • If none of the above work, then connect your PlayStation 4 physically through a  network cable.

Image: Nitrix

Currently, Sony has not commented on the update 4.50 WiFi controversy. But hopefully, they are working hard on making a patch to address the issue.