The Max CP of Legendary Birds in Pokemon Go leaked and one team’s bird’s CP is ridiculously low

Recently, a post on Reddit revealed the maximum CP for every Pokemon in Pokemon Go. These included the legendary birds as well as other legendary Pokemon. However, things weren’t looking too good for one particular team’s bird.

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Team Mystic’s mascot bird, Articuno, seems to be strangely under powered compared to the other two team’s birds. The leaked report suggested that the maximum CP of Team Mystic’s legendary bird is 2978, which is relatively lower compared to the other two legendary birds, Zapdos and Moltres. Zapdos and Moltres have maximum CP’s of 3114 and 3240 respectively.


On the other hand, despite having a lower CP, Articuno has a higher damage per second of 14.8, while Zapdos and Moltres only have 8.33 and 9.52 respectively. This might mean that although Mystic’s mascot has a relatively lower CP than the others, it might not be easy to defeat and would still be able to hold its own in front of the other two due to its higher DPS.


It will now be interesting to see which birds the trainers will pick to maximize their potential.