The most popular Gaming terms and what they actually mean

The Master List: All The Gaming Terms You Need To Know

Video games have been around for over half a century now. In that relatively short period of time gamers have created so many words they have invented their own language. I’m talking about your GG’s, KDR’s, and Killstreaks.

Here’s a master list of all the gaming terms you’ll ever need to know. Now you won’t sound like a noob next time you get in an argument. This is basically a gaming dictionary.

GG – Good game


KDR – Kill Death Ratio. This is a ratio that compares your kills and deaths in a game and displays a ratio for the player to view. The higher the ratio number, the better it is. (more kills, less deaths).

Farming – Doing whatever is necessary to obtain a high volume of material/items/weapons etc.

Nerf – This relates to weakening something in-game. Whether it be a specific gun or special power up you would say something like: “The gun is OP ffs! Nerf this shit developers”