The most popular Gaming terms and what they actually mean

Tank – character that can absorb a lot of damage, either through high health or armor or both.

Wombo combo – when two (or more) characters special attacks can be and are used very well together

Noob – someone new to the game

Scrub – someone bad at the game

Aimbot – A modified game file on your computer that aims for you. If you use this, you’re a hacker.

Buff – makes a weapon/character better.

Cheese – a cheap strategy that either gets a win fast or if it fails, puts your enemy ahead by a lot. (zerg rush)

master list esports

ESports – Gaming at a professional level and getting paid big money to do so.

Grief(er) – when someone intentionally ruins the game for others (more of an English terms than a gaming one)

Lag – When a player’s connection is unreliable (or server) and causes inputs from the controller to not be registered in time and hurts performance.

PvP/PvE – Player vs. Player / Player vs. Environment

QTE – Quick time event – see boss battles from the Naruto Storm games.