The most popular Gaming terms and what they actually mean

Cooldown: The amount of time you have to feel depressed between using the most powerful attacks.

DLC: Downloadable content which you can obtain from the game’s respective market place.

DRM: An expensive technique that will make pirates wait almost a week to the play the latest games, sometimes.

Field of view:  At the highest settings you become an owl.

Finished game: – The beta – I mean – “fully developed” build of the game.

Free to play:  A game model that lets you play for free but once start making progress you’ll always be beaten by the people who pay for the better items.

Games for windows live: The place people like Hitler go when they die

master list god mode activated

God mode: when nothing can harm you and you’re on fire. Also known as IDDQD

Indie game: A game powered by leprechaun gold because the funds used to make high end indie games are in the millions. But in all seriousness, it’s a game made by a small team who aren’t behind the big AAA games.

Killstreak: When you kill many people in a row without being terminated yourself.

Middleware: The logos at the start that tell you who and what made the trees in the game.

Multiple endings: Something you watch on Youtube after completing the game once.

NPC: A non-player character. Usually someone who sells and trades things you don’t care about.

Nvidia: The way it’s meant to be played. Unless AMD paid for their logo to be in the game instead.

Permadeath: One life, one chance.