The Steam Winter Sale 2016 dates get leaked

It only seemed like yesterday that the Autum Sale on everyone’s favorite digital game distribution service, Steam, ended. Now, it’s already time for another sale, a bigger and better one, to be exact.



We’re talking about the Steam Winter Sale 2016. Although there’s still a bit of time left until the sale actually begins, the dates have already leaked out. Because, internet!

You can now prepare your wallets in advance that the leak’s occurred. The culprit is a thread on gaming forum¬†NeoGAF, which has posted an image that apparently shows a conversation from a dev-only group, which had hinted at when the sale will go live.

The winter sale will go live around 9.50 am PT on December 22. It’s not far-fetched considering last year’s Winter sale also started on the same date: December 22.

However, there’s no official word on this and don’t blame us if you wait for the sale to go live, only to see the launch of another Horseshoe DLC for Skyrim instead.