The Top 3 Fattest Billionaire Nerd Kings

There was a time in the world’s history when being large was a sign of prosperity, success, and wealth. It was a status symbol. It meant that you could afford to eat an abundance of great foods, while the commoners starved. These days, caloric-dominance isn’t such a regal trait, but these three masters of industry would rather blaze trails than follow current trends. Now, buying a pair of Jordans isn’t going to help you dunk, and packing on an extra 170 extra pounds isn’t going to make you a titan of the internet, but it couldn’t hurt?

The following three men are all incredibly successful, brilliant, and have taken huge strides in shaping the internet as we know it today.

3. Kim Dotcom



When Kim isn’t battling the United States government in court, you can probabally find him on Twitter threatening to leak the hacked emails of a former presidential candidate due to a personal beef from years earlier, or tearing up the Call of Duty leader boards, where we formerly held the number 1 spot.

Kim Dotcom would spend his days chilling in his ridiculous mega-mansion, until recently selling it for an estimated 40 million dollars. He earned his fortune through the website Megaupload, which is also why he’s in a huge court battle with the government, who are acting on behalf of Hollywood, who are upset about Kim Dotcom allegedly facilitating the distribution of pirated materials.

He generally likes to disrupt the flow of things, and has recently vowed the following:

“In 2017 I’ll disrupt more than ever. Are you in?”

Not one  to accept defeat, Kim Dotcom is working on getting Megaupload 2 off the ground, along with a platform for software distribution called Bitcache. He recently completed a successful crowdfunding campaign where he offered up a maximum of 10% of the company and managed to raise roughly a million dollars.

Kim is living the life you dream of living when you’re a kid and you imagine what you’d do with an unlimited fortune.

2. Gabe Newell



Gabe could be tagged as one of the most influential figures in PC gaming. Not only has Valve been responsible for some of the high water marks in gaming history, but the digital distribution service Steam almost single-handedly saved the industry from piracy by offering gamers a fast, easy, and affordable way to support PC developers.

Gabe really cares about the players in his community, he takes time to answer some of their support emails himself, and takes feedback very close to heart. He’s like the sage wizard, he doesn’t go around flossing his riches or spending time trying to troll the media for attention, he would rather just keep his head down and keep putting out great products to cement his legacy as one of the greatest billionaire nerd kings of them all.

1. Markus Persson



Markus, aka Notch, is the man behind Minecraft and one of the biggest and quickest success stories in gaming. In 2014, he sold his company to Microsoft for a cool 2.5 billion dollars. Some of his first purchases were a $70 million home in Beverly Hills with it’s very own candy room. Yeah, a room dedicated to candy. But even after wild parties with guests like Tony Hawk and Selena Gomez, and jet-setting around the world living the billionaire lifestyle, Persson revealed in a series of tweets that he’s never felt so isolated and unfulfilled.

He’s the tortured genius of the billionaire nerd king club. Outbidding Jay-Z and Beyonce on a house doesn’t necessarily make it a home.

This wiz-kid made his first game, a text-based RPG, at the age of eight. He cut his teeth working for for four years, then eventually struck out on his own to change the face of gaming. We have a feeling he would trade the Hollywood playboy lifestyle in a second if it meant another great idea for a game he could develop and host on his own terms, without being bound by the pitfalls of success.