The Witcher 3 has some of the most glitch-filled sex scenes in a videogame ever

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The Witcher is one of the most successful games in the recent years and has won numerous awards in different segments. The developer of the game, CD Projekt Red made the high fantasy game so realistic that it was difficult not to get engrossed in it.

One of the most interesting part of the game is the ability to experience the brothel’s ambience. However, it seemed like the developers of the game got a bit distracted when they were creating those steamy scenes as the game gets glitchy at such parts quite frequently.

Image Dirk1nator !

Image Dirk1nator !

A PlayStation 4 gamer named Dirk1nator ! faced a bizarre situation when he triggered a flashback sequence of a character. The glitch went so far that the man had his head swapped and limbs missing. We’ve the video for you right here.

You can have a look at the NSFW video below:

Apart from this, there had been several sex session glitches on The Witcher 3 which were reported by the players in the past.

Image: Chris Klos

Image: Chris Klos

Here is another video posted by Youtuber Chris Klos who faced a big bug during a sex scene in the brothel.

As it can be seen in the video, the limbs and the heads slowly starts to detach from the bodies of the characters.

These kind of sex scenes can really be eerie but if you can overlook these minor shortcomings, The Witcher 3 is perhaps one the most engaging and interesting RPGs of all time.