Three new incense types are coming to Pokemon Go, details leaked

It seems that the Pokemon Go sub-Reddit community over at The Silph Road has been finding some interesting and hidden hints at what players of the app are in store for in the future.

Now users have found hints at new Incense types of Pokemon.


A number of commenters have found particular place holder names in lines of codes in the new updated app. From finding hints at the ability to trade items and Pokemon to the existence of legendary Pokemon – it seems Pokemon Go has a bright future ahead. Now users have found hints at new Incense types of Pokemon.

The commands that the posters have found are as follows:

  • Item_incense_spicy for attracting Fire (and Electric?) Pokemon

  • Item_incense_cool for attracting Water and Ice Pokemon

  • Item_incense_floral for attracting Grass and Bug Pokemon

It seems, like trading and legendary Pokemon, these place holder commands refer to the inclusion of new types of Incense in the future.



The commands point towards new items that will be available for players to purchase to aid them in their Pokehunting activities. It’s no surprise that the developers are planning to introduce some new incense types to purchase as it’s one of the games most popular items and makes them money.

Check back here and at the dedicated Pokemon sub-reddits for the latest news, leaks and hints regarding the game!