There’s a gold rush going on in Elite: Dangerous and players are getting paid

An interesting new quest recently popped up in Elite: Dangerous and it’s got players losing their minds trying to find rare alien ruins and promised riches.

You may remember recently when aliens started to finally appear in this game. The developers gave the impression that we were just looking at the tip of the iceberg. Running into one of these aliens when you’re all alone in space can be terrifying, but it may be worthwhile…

Ram Tah, an NPC from the game, has started offering up a new quest where you’ll get 100 million credits for visiting a location named Felice Dock near Meene.

Upon arriving, players found a set of alien ruins, and they started to glow with activity. This particular area in the game quickly became incredibly bustling, with players saying they’ve never seen such a crowded area before. Everyone’s after those sweet, sweet credits.

Players started trying to figure out how to extract maximum bank from these ruins, by creating guides and diagrams to share.

image: Commander Rabbit-HH

image: Commander Rabbit-HH

Players have begun to scour nearby planets to find more ruins after somebody had the theory that they may appear on planets which spin counter-clockwise relative to their stars. Here’s the thread where you can read more. Volunteers are flying over the planets at low altitudes, sweeping these huge surface areas, in hopes of finding more rune locations and the rest of the $100 million credit bounty.

That many credits is enough to buy some of the most desirable things in the game, and still have some cash left over for space hookers.

With the possibility of so much easy money once someone finds the rest of the ruins, you have to wonder if this isn’t some kind of alien trap and if all that glitter’s isn’t necessarily credits.