These are the most underated Pokemon in Pokemon Go

There is a separate group of Pokemon in Pokemon GO that can usually be used for conquering gyms. Pokemon like Vaporeons, Lapras and Snorlaxes are regarded as Pokemon of the highest level, while there are some other very powerful Pokemon that are pretty underrated.

These Pokemon mainly get ignored because most of the players don’t know about their CP and HP, and how powerful their moves actually are. Not to mention, their “type” is an added advantage in most situations.

Here is a list of some underrated Pokemon which can be very handy for you:


Image Credit: The Pokemon Company, Nintendo


Golem is one of most underrated Pokemon who has a maximum CP of 2303. Its rock type structure give it a strong defense against various other Pokemon types. Golem, being both a rock and ground type Pokemon, can easily be available in any location.



Another underrated Pokemon is Arcanine. This Pokemon has one of the strongest maximum CP in the game with a staggering 2983. Arcanine is one of the most effective Pokemon for guarding a gym. You can drop lures on deserts, beaches, or residential neighborhoods to catch Arcanine, and it can prove to be a more than useful ally.



Exeggutor has a maximum CP of 2980 and is almost as strong as Arcanine. Exeggutor is also the strongest grass type Pokemon in the entire game.

Exeggutor can generally be found in areas like hospitals, residential areas, golf courses, parks, meadows and other grassy regions with PokeStops where lures can be dropped. You can also evolve him from Exeggcute, which are also common in most areas.



Slowbro is much stronger than its maximum CP of 2597 would suggest. It is one of the strongest water type Pokemon. To search for Slowbro, you can venture around areas like rivers, oceans, lakes, and farmlands.



The strongest fighting type of Pokemon in Pokemon Go is Machamp. It has a maximum CP of 2594 and can be useful for attacking powerful Pokemon, such as Snorlax. To find Machamps, you can drop lures at gyms or stadiums. You can also farm for Machops to get hold of Machamp through evolution.